Skydiving Adelaide

Skydiving Adelaide

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Adrenaline can help to realise this dream-making potential with a range of skydiving packages on offer. By enlisting highly experienced professionals in the field of sky-bound adventures, you can be learning to skydive in no time.

Skydiving is the ultimate thrill-seeking experience in flying up to 15,000 feet high, taking the plunge from your fast-moving aircraft, free falling for an insanely invigorating up to 60 seconds and floating serenely under your canopy for five-to-seven minutes until you reach your stunning beach or rural drop zone.

Southern comfort just stepped up a notch when you book a tandem skydiving experience online with Adrenaline.

What makes skydiving in Adelaide special? 

The sheer urban and natural splendour of Adelaide makes the city a thrill-seeking destination for beginners to more experienced skydivers.

Adrenaline offers an endless selection of tandem skydiving packages on weekends and midweek from 9000 to 15,000 feet at the most sunning South Australian locations. These include the beautiful beaches of Semaphore, Goolwa, Middleton and Aldinga, and the breathtaking wine regions of McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek.

Who would enjoy skydiving in Adelaide?

If you crave new and exhilarating experiences in pushing yourself to the limit, are aged 12 years or above and possess moderate fitness levels, then a tandem skydive is designed for an unforgettable adrenaline rush in personal achievement.

Those who are pregnant or at risk of heart conditions should not engage in a skydiving activity, purely for the potential of its initially anxiety-inducing and heart-pounding effects.  

What should I expect from my Adelaide skydiving experience?

An SA skydiving experience is bound to cause perspiration, palpitations and ambivalence as you fly high, but will also leave you feeling exhilarated and adrenaline-charged like never before.

The tandem masters who brief and guide you before embarking on your sky-high encounter will expertly put to rest any underlying fears. They will also be with you as you take the plunge, free fall and float like a butterfly. Your tandem instructor can even direct your steering manoeuvres as you approach the drop zone.

Your Australian Parachute Federation levy is also covered in your Adelaide tandem skydive package so that you can concentrate purely on this all-time personal high.

When is the best time to go skydiving in Adelaide?

The warmer months are always preferable when embarking upon a tandem skydive activity as the air temperature can decrease as you increase your altitude. Free-falling at 15,000 feet from an aircraft travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour means you’ll at least seek to be temperately warmed by the experience.

With this in mind, the summer months are ideal for booking a tandem jump, closely followed by spring and early autumn.      

What makes Adelaide skydiving so safe?

Perfect preparation, expert reassurance and strict adherence to all safety features and skydiving weight limits make skydiving in Adelaide not only a highly safe encounter, but also one you’ll yearn to relive over and over again.

You can also purchase a photo and video package of you in high-flying, free-falling and drifting action to watch time and again and also prove your tandem skydiving status to family and friends.