Skydiving Byron Bay

Skydiving Byron Bay

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Departing Tyagarah Airfield, and taking in views from Cape Byron Headlands to Julian Rocks, you can invite your family and friends to watch you fly high with the added appeal of the airfield’s spectator zone and on-site facilities.  

Who can go skydiving in Byron Bay?

Anyone aged 12 and above who embraces unlimited challenges in overcoming sky-high nerves is the perfect candidate for a Byron Bay tandem skydiving experience.

Please note that skydivers who weight between 95 kilograms and the maximum skydiving weight of 110 kilograms should advise at the time of booking. Surcharges will apply and are payable on the day.

Those at risk of heart condition or who are pregnant are not permitted to take part in a skydiving activity. 

What is the best thing about skydiving in Byron Bay?

The only aspect that tops the experience of tandem skydiving is the region’s unmatched coastal panorama. With glistening azure waters and gleaming white sands, you’ll wonder what took you so long to book a skydiving Byron experience online at Adrenaline.

Expert staff and an easy-going yet committed approach to gaining the most of your exhilarating experience add to the unforgettable allure of your skydiving adventure.

Your Australian Parachute Federation levy is also included in the affordable yet priceless tandem skydiving encounter. 

Why is Byron Bay the best place to go skydiving?

The majestic coastal views of your 20-minute scenic flight are reason enough in itself to book your tandem skydiving experience in Byron Bay. 

Apart from the friendly and invigorating atmosphere created by the expert skydiving team, the idyllic landscape is a skydiver dream come true.

Absorbed from up to 15,000 feet high, you’ll be bursting to plunge forth and get amongst the spectacular scenic surroundings.

The post-experience adrenaline rush amid one of the country’s most breathtaking natural settings combines to create an unforgettable all-time high. 

What does it feel like to skydive in Byron Bay?

You’ll feel like the reigning king or queen of the northern NSW airways.

Jumping out of a plane travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour for an insane up to 60-second free fall has an individual effect on every tandem skydiving inductee. Once you disperse with any pre-skydiving nerves and the adrenaline charge of this unique experience kicks in, you’ll be clamouring to fly high again just so you can descend upon this beachside paradise. 

What makes Byron Bay skydiving so safe? 

The highly experienced tandem masters will treat you with kid gloves. Not only will you receive a full safety briefing and reassuring guidance all the way up, but your tandem instructor will also be with you as you take the plunge from your fast-moving aircraft, heart-pounding free fall and gentle under-canopy descent. They will even show you the ropes, so to speak, in how to deftly manoeuvre steering directions as you approach the Planet Earth.

Check out our huge range of skydiving experiences across Australia right here at Adrenaline, and have an unforgettable experience.