Skydiving Newcastle

Skydiving Newcastle

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In-the-know Novocastrians turn to Adrenaline online to book their skydiving and all other equally unforgettable air, land and water-based adventures. 

Tandem skydiving packages over the beach at up to 15,000 feet high are offered on weekends and midweek, departing Belmont Airport, all promising breathtaking white-sand drop zones. 

What is skydiving in Newcastle like?

Skydiving in Newcastle is unlike any air-bound experience you have ever embarked upon. 

First timers should expect to feel heart palpitations and an upward surge of nervous energy, and that’s even before you have reached altitude on board your 20-minute scenic flight. 

Once you find the courage and take the plunge from your aircraft, travelling at speeds of 200 km per hour in a tandem free fall for an insane up to 60 seconds, you will have surmounted the worst inner fears. 

Contrary to the direction downwards, the only way is up as you float like a butterfly for five to seven minutes, absorbing the scenic panorama and personal achievement of attaining your high-flying dream. 

Once you touch base at a speed of around 28 km per hour, the post-experience adrenaline rush will leave you breathless and energised in one and undoubtedly inspire a taste for more of before. 

Who would enjoy a skydiving voucher in Newcastle?

With spectacular beach and city views on board your 20-minute scenic flight, an exhilarating free fall and heavenly float time of up to seven minutes to your powder-soft beach drop zone, a skydiving voucher from Adrenaline is bound to delight the most seasoned thrill seekers. 

Any potential high-flier aged 12 years and above would seize the opportunity and the moment to indulge in a tandem skydiving activity for the first time. 

In fact, anyone who possesses moderate fitness levels and a keen sense of adventure would highly appreciate an Adrenaline gift voucher for the ultimate Newcastle skydiving activity. 

The only exclusions to who should receive a skydiving voucher are those who are pregnant or have a history of heart conditions or epilepsy. The heart-pounding exhilaration of tandem skydiving is embodied in an all-powerful force. 

What should I do the night before my skydiving experience in Newcastle?

For starters, get a good night’s sleep before your big and eventful day. You’ll need all your energy reserves for that excess adrenaline that will be surging through your veins. It’s also important not to drink alcohol or take recreational drugs the night before your skydiving experience. A clear head, free from the after effects of excessive drinking, is the main aim of the skydiving game. 

What do I need to do before skydiving in Newcastle?

You should firstly approach the tandem skydiving experience with a spirit of adventure and self-confidence. Eat a light, healthy breakfast. You will need to fuel up but not overload. 

Your comfort zone will be pushed to extremes as high as the altitude at which you will ascend. But fear not: the expert skydiving operators are expertly placed to comprehensively brief and guide you every step of the way, from go to whoa. 

Wear comfortable, loose clothing, enclosed footwear, bring sunglasses for the stunning scenic flight and sunscreen to protect from UV rays on your plunge and float down to your beach drop zone. 

Bring confirmation of your skydiving booking, personal ID for registration and a camera for on-board panoramic shots.

The skydiving team will take care of the rest, including the offer of video and photo packages to purchase of you in high-flying action. 

What other experiences would my loved one enjoy in Newcastle?

There is an abundance of air, land and water-based activities on offer at Adrenaline (2500 and counting). 

If they are set on remaining up, up and away, your adventure-seeking loved one in Newcastle would also thrill to the experience of aerobatic flights, flight simulators and scenic flights taking in beach and city views. 

For water-based activities at their adventurous best, they could try the team-spirited adrenaline charge of white-water rafting or for complete relaxation, they could absorb the marine beauty of dolphin watching and sailing at Nelson Bay. 

And if they yearn for fast-paced adventure on terra firma, why not book the wild rush of quad biking, muscle car or European supercar driving, sand boarding, abseiling, treetop adventures, even fun-filled paintball experiences?