Skydiving Coffs Harbour

Skydiving Coffs Harbour

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Skydiving is an unbeatable experience, and you can find all the best deals here at Adrenaline. Bypass the Big Banana and direct your view skywards with Adrenaline’s elevated range of skydiving Coffs Harbour packages.

Imagine commanding 300km of pristine coastline, which is a foreground feature of the equally breathtaking Great Dividing Range.

This natural masterpiece will be your bird’s eye view and forever within your frame of mind when you book Coffs Harbour tandem skydiving or learn to skydive courses online at Adrenaline. In fitting fashion, we’ve saved the best until last with your spectacular beach drop zone, amid the Solitary Islands Marine Reserve.

The crashing waves and coastal magnificence are set to floor you, even as your elevated vision remains sky high.

Adrenaline offers Skydiving Coffs Harbour – Tandem Skydive 15,000 feet and 7000 feet packages, which take place between Fridays and Saturdays.

Once you experience the wild rush of your tandem jump, you could also extend the aerial art form with Skydiving Coffs Harbour – Learn to Skydive, AFF Course Stage 1. The accelerated free fall course is the most comprehensive introduction to sports skydiving. It consists of nine stages and includes a minimum of 11 jumps. Extensive ground training, expert assistance and training-suitable skydiving equipment ensure that you will be deploying your own parachute, following your flight path and practising landing procedures to your fullest potential. 

What does tandem skydiving mean?

A tandem skydive is, as it indicates, skydiving in pairs. You will be safely harnessed to your tandem master for all tandem-skydiving events offered online at Adrenaline. 

Reassurance, expert guidance, maximum safety, peace of mind and the ultimate exhilaration all combine when you book a tandem skydiving experience with Adrenaline.  

How long does a skydive last?

When you factor in registration time and your 10-minute training session, take into your account your awe-inspiring 20-minute scenic flight, between 30 and 60-second free fall of insane proportions (depending on your altitude of descent; 7000 feet and 15,000 feet, respectively) and your serenity-inducing seven-minute float back to ground, that amounts to up to 38 minutes of pure skydiving experiential pleasures to treasure. 

Why skydive in Coffs Harbour?

The blissful beaches and stunning coastline are the big drawcards of skydiving at this mid north-coast NSW city. Coral reefs, nature reserves, seasonal whales and other marine life are its naturally occurring wonders. When you include the relaxed vibe and relative accessibility from Sydney, you’ll be a Coffs Harbour convert from a ground height and elevated level. 

Skydiving operator Coffs Skydivers also add immeasurably to the overall experiential value. With more than 20 years’ professional expertise in creating the safest, most fun-filled sky-high events, you’ll soon discover why taking to the air up to 15,000 feet above the Coffs Coast and partaking in the ultimate plunge to your spectacular beach drop zone makes for one of the best skydiving experiences you could encounter, not only in NSW, but anywhere in Australia. 

Once you have completed your tandem skydive or learn to skydive courses that set you on your path to taking solo flight, you’ll soon develop an unquenchable thirst for the sheer exhilaration of skydiving, in all its forms.