Skydiving Hunter Valley

Skydiving Hunter Valley

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Skydiving is an unbeatable bucket list experience. Toast your fear-conquering prowess and the experiential benefits of skydiving over the magnificent Hunter Valley wine region in NSW.

Adrenaline captures the breathtaking views of this vineyard-dotted landscape and offers the ultimate in aerial exhilaration with a range of Hunter Valley skydiving experiences. 

The view from the top as you drop is destined to remain one of the most serene dream scenes you are set to encounter.

You will not only experience an awe-inspiring 20-minute scenic flight and feel the life-affirming rush of free fall as you plunge from up to 15,000 feet high from your aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of up to 220km per hour, but Adrenaline has saved the best until last. You and your tandem master will float on air for up to seven minutes, absorbing the lush, rolling countryside, with views that extend to the spectacular NSW coastline.

Once you come into land at your Hunter Valley drop zone, the post-adrenaline high is certain to catapult you into celebratory mode and also hatch plans for recreating the skydiving magic. 

Where is the best place to skydive?

In terms of lush pastures and beautiful widespread views, the iconic wine region of Hunter Valley is a dream destination for skydivers, hot air balloonists and all other aerial pursuits.  

These naturally pristine views over rural NSW have to be experienced to be believed.  An added bonus for skydivers coming into land is that they are in premium wine country, which equates to endless vineyard and natural sightseeing opportunities. 

How long is a free fall when skydiving?

The free fall effect is the ultimate in speed exhilaration. Depending on your altitude of descent, your free fall experience can last between 45 and 60 seconds, but the overall impact of breathtaking expectation is guaranteed to remain within for years to come. 

Not only that, but when you free fall, you will succumb to the gravitational pull at a drop rate of up to 10,000 feet within those heart-pounding 45 to 60 seconds. At that pace, you’ll be truly flying. 

At around 4500 feet above ground level, your tandem instructor will deploy the parachute cord and you will both rapidly decrease speed, floating, as if in slow motion, to your inviting drop zone. 

Where to get skydiving vouchers?

Adrenaline is not only your central hub for booking skydiving the Hunter Valley events, but also provides a range of gift vouchers for redeeming skydiving and the 2500-plus Australia wide experiences on land, water and high in the sky.

Adrenaline gift vouchers start from just $25 and are valid for three years, which gives the skydiving recipient plenty of scope to decide on the perfect time to step outside their comfort zone and embrace the experience. 

But that doesn’t mean it will take forever to arrive in their inbox or at their door. Adrenaline gift vouchers can be emailed in a flash or sent by post.