Skydiving Picton

Skydiving Picton

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Are you a city dweller or happen to be staying at a CBD hotel? There’s an added bonus: free return transfers to the Sydney centre are part of these enticing packages for tandem skydiving in the ultimate thrill-seeking style. 

For self-drivers, the Picton drop zone is only about an hour’s drive from the Sydney CBD. 

When you book online with Adrenaline for a tandem skydiving experience at this coveted location, you can also elect to purchase a video and photo package of yourself in high-flying action, Memories such as these are made to be shared.     

What to wear skydiving in Picton?

You should feel comfortable and relaxed in attitude and attire for your Picton skydiving event. 

Wearing loose, lightweight clothing and enclosed footwear is recommended as the most suitable gear to wear under your skydiving suit.

If the weather is bright, don’t forget your sunglasses and a hat for your 20-minute scenic flight. Make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen before the big jump to keep those UV rays at bay.  

What should I do the night before skydiving in Picton?

First timers and even experienced skydivers should get a good night’s sleep before their tandem skydive adventure

It’s also imperative that you do not drink excessively the night before. You’ll want to be fresh, alert and on your toes at all times. 

And don’t forget to fuel up on a light, healthy breakfast on the morning of your jump. 

What are the jump restrictions for my skydiving experience in Picton?

Jump restrictions can vary for your tandem skydiving experiences, depending on the location, type of aircraft and other crucial requirements. 

The maximum jump altitude for skydiving in Picton is 14,000 feet high, which guarantees a vantage point of landscape-blurring exhilaration. 

There are also weight restrictions for tandem skydiving at Picton and throughout Australia when you book an activity with Adrenaline online. 

The maximum weight is 110kg, but please advise at the time of reservation if you weigh more than 95kg. Surcharges will apply for weights between 95kg and 110kg and are payable on jump day. 

Your tandem free fall of up to 45 seconds and floating with your head in the clouds for a full five minutes as you absorb the Sydney skyline and surrounding national park views make all the technical scrutiny worth your while. 

What do I need to know on the day of skydiving in Picton?

Sydney skydivers in the making should check the forecast on their day to shine. Tandem skydiving is a weather-resistant activity, so if it is raining or wild conditions are imminent, your skydiving event in Picton will be postponed until the weather is more conducive for sunny-side up tandem skydiving brilliance. 

Who can I bring to my skydiving experience in Picton?

Invite all your family and friends to share in your glory and immeasurably enrich the tandem skydiving experience.  

The picturesque Picton drop zone is a perfect base for all the gang to soak up the relaxing surrounds and view your aerial manoeuvres as you come into land. 

There are BBQ facilities and an on-site cafĂ© to soothe and complement the post-adrenaline rush of your tandem skydiving experience.    

More than two million skydivers attest to Picton’s status as Australia’s most popular drop zone.