Skydiving Melbourne
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Getting Started

Your expert tandem master will prepare you for your skydive with training and assist you in gearing up before getting into the plane. Securely strapped to the front of your instructor, you'll feel the buzz of excitement from other tandem skydivers all around you as the plane slowly climbs to jump altitude...

"1 Minute to Jump Run!"

When the plane reaches 14,000ft, the green exit light comes on and the door slides open. Before you know it, your instructor will count down "Head back, Three, Two, ONE" and you're free falling through thin air towards Melbourne!

There is nothing in the world that can beat the sheer exhilaration of freefall that you experience with skydiving. Your adrenaline will be pumping and you'll be on a high for weeks!

Under Canopy

Your instructor will pull the extra-large tandem parachute at 4,500ft allowing you to experience a peaceful canopy ride back down to earth with views over Melbourne and regional Victoria. Depending on the conditions, your instructor may give you the controls to steer the canopy.

What training do I need?

Luckily, tandem skydiving offers the maximum thrill of freefall with very little training required. Let your tandem master do all the work! During your briefing, you will be guided through each stage of your skydive, preparing you for freefall and landing.

How long does it last?

Depending on the altitude from which you jump, your freefall will last between 15-60 seconds.

8,000ft Skydive = 15 Seconds Freefall
10,000ft Skydive = 30 Seconds Freefall
12,000ft Skydive = 45 Seconds Freefall
14,000ft Skydive = 60 Seconds Freefall

After your tandem master pulls the parachute, you will be under canopy for approximately 4-5 minutes. You might have the opportunity to steer the canopy - or simply take a look at your surroundings on the way down!

Is Skydiving the most addictive sport out there?

Want to jump more than once? You can learn to skydive in Melbourne. Melbourne has a variety of AFF (accelerated freefall) skydiving courses on offer, giving you the chance to become a fully licensed skydiver.

Skydiving Locations near Melbourne, VIC

Nagambie, Yarra Valley, St Kilda, Bendigo, Great Ocean Road, Barwon Heads, Tooradin, Euroa.