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Sydney Skydiving

Gather your family and friends for an all-time high with the ultimate air-bound rush of a skydiving Sydney experience.

Adventurists who yearn for the unmatched exhilaration of spectacular, sky-high views to take your breath away and the thrill of freefalling in unforgettable tandem jumps that will set your heart racing turn to Adrenaline.

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With learn to skydive packages and tandem experiences between 7000 feet and 15,000 feet high for skydivers of all levels, Adrenaline puts their faith and trust in only the most qualified skydiving experts. The overriding aim is to provide the most serene scene in skydiving perfection.

What should I know before skydiving in Sydney for the first time?

You should firstly know where your drop zone is located and make tracks to the scene of maximum excitement. You’ll be fully briefed and suited up in all the regulation gear, helmet and goggles before embarking on your spectacular scenic flight, absorbing CBD skyline views and stunning beach and natural surroundings. Skydiving requires a moderate level of fitness, nerves of steel and an adventurous spirit in sky-high feats of personal achievement.

What does it feel like to skydive?

The skydiving experience feels like nothing on Earth and that’s precisely because you’ll be elevated high above, in more ways than one. From an elevation of up to 15,000 feet in the sky, you’ll plunge from your aircraft travelling at speeds of 200km per hour for a terrifying yet life affirming free fall for up to 60 seconds. But the best is yet to come.

You will be floating on Cloud Nine before drifting through the air towards terra firma, with an adrenaline rush to charge the senses and revive passion for your next skydive.

Where is the best place to skydive in Sydney?

All skydiving activities in Sydney and throughout Australia come highly recommended. The participant feedback is simply glowing, with adjectives such as “awesome”, breathtaking” and “unparalleled” peppered throughout the sky-high list of exhilarated commentary.

The closest drop zone to the Sydney is in Picton, which is a comfortable drive from the CBD, and Adrenaline also offers skydiving packages with spectacular coastal surrounds over the beach in nearby Wollongong and Newcastle.  

These first-class, family-friendly centres offer an on-site cafe, barbecue facilities and perfectly natural setting for onlookers to sit, back, relax and enjoy the skydiving spectacle. Adrenaline can even provide free transfers from the CBD when you book in advance.

Adrenaline enlists the services of only the best in the business. Master tuition, all safety briefings, regulation gear and equipment, and your Australian Parachute Federation Levy are all taken care of in the one great price package.  

Customer service at its highest level is guaranteed when you book an unforgettable skydiving experience online with Adrenaline. 

Who could I purchase a skydiving Sydney voucher for?

Absolutely anyone aged 12 and above who has a yen for high excitement and the ultimate adrenaline-charged adventure would be the perfect candidate for a skydiving voucher.

If you are pregnant, skydiving is not recommended. Similarly, if the skydiver weighs more than 95 kilograms, they should advise at the time of booking. Surcharges apply for skydivers of weights exceeding 95kg and up until 110kg.

Is skydiving in Sydney safe?

Adrenaline puts your safety above all else in skydiving and every exhilarating adventure package on offer. Attuning your consciousness, raising your confidence levels and ensuring you have the time of your life are always paramount and an essential component of the skydiving experience.

Adrenaline enlists only the most reputable experts in their fields for all skydiving adventures and more than 2500 thrill-seeking air, land and water-based activities that you can peruse, choose and book online.

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