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What are things to do in Perth?

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Perth there is no shortage of options. But if you want to do something really memorable, indoor skydiving is well worth giving a go. This exhilarating activity sees you stepping inside a wind tunnel for a realistic, thrilling and safe freefall experience. Feel the same sensation as you would after a jump from an aeroplane at 14,000ft, while only being metres off the ground. We think iFly is one of the best family activities in Perth, as it’s suitable for ages three and up.


How high is indoor skydiving?

You begin by entering at ground level. First-time fliers in the vertical wind tunnel normally only fly a couple of metres above the net. Don’t worry, this is enough to give you the sensation of freefall. As you become more familiar with the basics of controlling your flying, you can fly at different levels.


If you would like to fly to the top of the tunnel this is available as an upgrade on the day of your experience (subject to availability).

How long does indoor skydiving last?

Freefall lasts around one minute, a similar length of freefall time as a jump from a plane at 14,000ft. But without the potential delays or cancellations that can happen when going up in a plane. Please allow around one hour, 45 minutes for the full experience, including training.


Is indoor skydiving safe?

Yes. Indoor skydiving is a safe activity. Wind tunnels are used as a training facility for military aerialists, offering them a realistic and easy-to-access skydiving freefall experience to practice their skills. But, these days, indoor skydiving is a popular and value for money activity that almost everyone can enjoy, with no upper age limit. Relax, the highly-trained, certified instructors will be on hand to guide you through the flight and help you to make the most of it. You’ll receive a pre-flight training session and all the guidance you need to have fun and stay safe.


How much is iFly in Perth?

Take a look at our full range of iFly Perth prices and products for the latest deals right here at Adrenaline. You can book with confidence that you’re getting a good deal with our price match guarantee.


Where can I book an iFly experience?

Booking your iFly Perth experience is easy with Adrenaline. Simply select the time and date you’d like to go. Alternatively, go for an iFly Perth voucher, which is a great gift and gives flexibility to the recipient about when they go.


Looking to visit iFly as a group? No problem. The venue is used to dealing with all kinds of events, from birthday parties to corporate days out. Try one of our iFly packages for multiple flights, or just book in for the same session. Contact us if you require any help with your group booking.


You can also book indoor skydiving at other iFly locations around Australia, including Gold Coast and Sydney.


What do you wear to iFly?

If it’s your first time indoor skydiving you may be wondering what to wear. Laced up, enclosed, comfortable trainers are best, along with comfortable, casual clothing. You’ll be given an iFly flight suit, helmet and safety goggles on the day. The flight suit will be worn over your normal clothes.