Virtual Reality Skydiving

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What is virtual reality skydiving?

Virtual reality skydiving brings an extra touch of realism to indoor skydiving. Not only will you experience the feeling of freefall inside the state-of-the-art wind tunnel, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the incredible views of an outdoor skydive too. All without the need to set foot on a planeā€¦ or jump out of one!


There’s even the chance to choose your own adventure, as iFly gives you a choice of VR flight locations. Choose from a wingsuit BASE jump or a skydive over Hawaii or the Swiss Alps. You get kitted up as you would for a normal indoor skydive, but with the addition of a VR helmet.


You may have worn a VR headset before and been impressed at just how realistic they can be, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever have experienced anything quite like this.


Is indoor skydiving like real skydiving?

The combination of visuals and the feeling of freefall certainly make it the closest you can get to a real skydive.

An indoor skydive feels very much like the freefall part of a real skydive from a plane. The feeling you’ll experience in the wind tunnel is similar to what you’d feel after leaping from 14,000ft. The virtual reality element just makes it even more realistic and thrilling. Don’t just take our word for it, book VR skydiving and try it.


What can you see in virtual reality?

Your virtual reality skydive comes with a choice of some incredible views of the Swiss Alps or Hawaii. You can even simulate a wingsuit base jump  Speak to the iFly team to make sure you get up and running with your preferred option.


Is virtual reality skydiving safe?

It’s only natural to wonder about the safety of any experience you’ve never tried before, but virtual reality indoor skydiving is certainly safe. The iFly instructors are highly trained and the wind tunnels make use of state of the art technology, so you can relax, safe in the knowledge you’re learning to fly in very capable hands.


How much does virtual reality skydiving cost?

To check the latest virtual reality indoor skydiving deals and prices, browse our product range. The cost of this experience may vary depending on location and other factors, including special offers. At Adrenaline, it’s easy to make your iFly booking. Select the time and date of your choice or go for an iFly voucher, which gives you more flexibility and is valid for three years. That gives you (or the person lucky enough to receive it as a gift) plenty of time to book in your virtual reality skydive.